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Anca Munteanu Rimnic

born 1974 in Bucharest, Romania, lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

University of Fine Arts Berlin
2002–2004 Artcenter Pasadena, Los Angeles with Mike Kelley and Jack Goldstein
2002–2004 Cal Arts Los Angeles with John Baldessari

Grant of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung for Guest Studies at Artcenter Pasadena, Los Angeles, USA
2003 Grant of the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft for Guest Studies at Cal Arts Los Angeles, USA
2005 DAAD Grant for Center of Contemporary Art Kitakyushu, Japan

Teaching and Work Activity
9 Guest Lecturer at ADBK, Academy of fine Arts Nürnberg, Germany
2009–2016 Guest Lecturer at ZHDK, Zurich University of Fine Art, Switzerland
2010–2011 Guest Lecturer at the School of Art St. Gallen, Switzerland
2001–2013 Artistic Advisor to the artist Aernout Mik

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Theater Neumarkt Zurich Die For Life curated by Hayat Erdogan
2017 PSM Gallery Berlin Simulanta
Museum Villa Rot Ulm  Anca Munteanu Rimnic curated by Marco Hompes
2016 Mönchehaus Museum Goslar Lakta curated by Bettina Ruhrberg
2015 Kunstverein Braunschweig Nest curated by Hilke Wagner and Gergana Todorova
Charim Gallery Wien Anca Munteanu Rimnic curated by Miryam Charim
Wyspa Institut of Art Gdansk Anca Munteanu Rimnic
2014 ABC Art Berlin Contemporary  Performance PSM Gallery Berlin
2013 PSM Gallery Berlin  Lament
Plan B Gallery Cluj  Ugly Show for Blind People curated by Mihai Pop
2011 HAU/Hebbel am Ufer Berlin  X-Schule curated by Matthias Lilienthal
Schauspielhaus Zurich  Urbania curated by Barbara Frey
Deutsches Theater Berlin Herbstkamp curated by Birgit Lengers
2010 Thomas Flor Gallery Düsseldorf  Google Me Not
Fiac Paris  Solo Booth PSM Gallery Berlin
2010 Schauspielhaus Zurich Der Schalter (Theater piece)
2009 PSM Gallery Berlin  Anca Munteanu Rimnic
TNT Manufacture de Chaussure Bordeaux  J’habite où? Délogement!
Art Cologne  New Positions, Solo Booth
Prater der Volksbühne Berlin  Mentalitätsdiagnose, Ambitionierte Sozialutopien
2008 Fahnemann Gallery Berlin Exhibition
2007 Volksbühne Berlin Babylon must Fall together with Jacques Palminger
Kampnagel Who should I sleep with ?
2005 Korridor Project Space Now I Can’t Find My Shoes, curated by Fanny Gonella / Sabine Schmidt

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2023 Paris Photo Presentation curated by Ami Barak with Jecza Gallery
National Museum Brukenthal SibiuIn Touch curated by Ana Negoita & Alexandra Runcan
Kampnagel Hamburg International Sommerfestivalcurated by Andras Siebold
Paper Museum Berlin Papier & Klang curated by Annette Berr and Ulrike Vohrer
Timisoara Art Biennial My Rhino is not a Myth curated by Adrian Notz
Lutnita Gallery Chisinau curated by Andrei Sclifos
2022 BETA Timisoara Architecture Biennale State of hope curated by Diana Marincu
2021 Biennal Timisoara Art Encounters  Imaginary Lands curated by Diana Marincu
2020 Museum Tinguely Basel  Amuse Bouche curated by Annja Mueller-Alsbach
Felix Art Fair, Blum and Poe  Fomo Haber participating in Darren Bader´s Show
Foundation of the Arts New York  The Principle of Migration curated by Olivia Nitis
2019 MUCEM Museum Marseilles Persona curated by Diana Marincu#
Museo La Tallera Cuernavaca End Of Future curated by Adrian Notz
Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature Paris Bear Festival curated by Anca Poterasu
PCF Paris Ex-east curated by Ami Barak
Baba Vasa´s Cellar Shabla  It is up to the artists curated by Andreiana Mihail
2018 Sadie Coles Gallery London More or Less with Darren Bader and Michael E. Smith
PS120 Berlin The Axial Line curated by Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe
Arco Madrid PSM Gallery booth with Paolo Chiasera
Societe Gallery Berlin I don´t know with Darren Bader
Performance Biennale Buenos Aires curated by Rodrigo Alonso
2017 Museo d ´Arte Contemporanea Naples Performare una collezione #4 curated by Andrea Viliani
Kretzulescu Galleries Bucharest Notes on a Landscape curated by Wim Waelput
Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst Bremen Dejima curated by Janneke de Vries
Galleria Foscherari Bologna Profanation: Ghenos Eros Thanatos curated by Antonio Grulli
2016 Martin Gropius Bau Berlin E´st Prologue curated by Xandra Popescu
Salon de Montrouge Paris Cabaret au Salon curated by Ami Barak
Pi Artworks Gallery London What´s the Riddle curated by Övül Durmusoglu
Arcub Gabroveni Bucharest MonuMental Histories curated by Olivia Nitis
Philipp Pflug Gallery Frankfurt Exhibition by 31 Woman curated by Vivien Trommer
2015 Kulturstiftung Schloss Agathenburg Come little Friend
Non Objectif Sud Tulette What we found, curated by Darren Bader
Timisoara Biennale Timisoara Art Encounters, curated by Nathalie Hoyos & Reinald Schumacher
PSM Gallery Berlin Chroma Key curated by Andreas Schlaegel & Anna Frost
Sala 1 Rome Videozoom curated by Marius Tana
2014 Kunsthalle Wien Brancusi Effekt curated by Nikolaus Schafhausen and Vanessa Joan Müller
Center of Contemporary Art Warsaw A few grams of red yellow, blue, curated by Ewa Gorzadek
2013 Florian Seehofer Zürich Come, All Ye Faithful curated by Carson Chan
MNAC, National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest Salonul de Projecte curated by Magda Radu
MNAC, National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest Good Girls curated by Bojana Pejic
2011 Tanja Wagner Gallery Berlin Responding to the New Moon curated by von Övül Durmusoglu
4. Moskau Biennale Dada Moscow curated by Adrian Notz
Cabaret Voltaire Zuerich Merz World curated by Adrian Notz
RTeba Buenos Aires U-Turn, curated by Abaseh Mirvali
Grieder Contemporary Berlin The Activity of Sound, curated by Florian Ch. Seedorf
Schauspielhaus Zürich Urbania curated by Barbara Frey
2010 HAU – Hebbel am Ufer Berlin X-Schule curated by Matthias Lilienthal
Electro Putere Art Craiova Romanian Cultural Resolution curated by Mihnea Mircan
Spinnerei Leipzig An Image Instead Of A Title curated by Mihnea Mircan
Klemm’s Gallery Berlin Performance Program curated by Fanny Gonella
2009 Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin Zeigen curated by Karin Sander
Fahnemann Gallery Berlin Nature curated by Clemens Fahnemann
2008 General Public Berlin Hidden Treasures curated by Oliver Baurhenn
Fahnemann ProjectsBerlin Drawings curated by Clemens Fahnemann
2006 Gavin Brown Gallery New York Grupe 1 curated by Darren Bader
Mandrake Gallery Los Angeles Grupe 2 curated by Darren Bader
2005 Center of Contemporary Art Japan Ugly Show curated by Nobuo Nakamura & Akiko Miyake
2004 Rivington Arms Gallery New York Put It In Your Mouth curated by Darren Bader
Sparwasser Berlin Imaginary Is Potential curated by Henrikke Nielsen